The Casey & Candice Love

I still get butterflies when you look at me.

6 years and counting.

Just like Candice and Casey,

We always end up reconnecting to one another.

One, two or even three nights of eternal bliss.

And each time, regardless of time itself, I feel deep down in my soul you were meant to be in my life. 

You’re my first.




You honestly can drive me crazy with your indecisiveness. 

But damn that smile, your smart-ass comments, stubborn as fuck and loving human being you are.

What are we doing? 

It’s crazy how we cannot be together.

Timing. Different Cities. Lives we live. 

But just like Candice and Casey,

If we were meant to gravitate back into each others lives, we will.

Let’s just hope you stay longer than usual next time.

For this will be a another waiting period of flirtation, sexy time and old feelings re-surfacing when we are close to one another.

I still love you, and to be honest, I don’t think there was a time I wasn’t. You will forever have a small corner of my heart, I will have unconditional adoration for you. Find a way back to your soul, your happiness and with great hope, back to us.

Dedicated to Frankie 


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