Your Crazy Matches My Crazy

If you can’t tell by now, I always write about him (well at least most of the time). We been through a ton for the last couple of years, emotionally, physically, mentality. Our growth, together and as individuals is beautiful in my eyes. We are becoming people we want to be, year by year. If we happen to stumble we have each other to guide as back to the right path or use one another as a safe haven until we’re strong enough to push forward through the chaos.  He is all I ever known. Boys have come and gone, feelings crushed, egos wounded in a cat and mouse game of emotional torture, but with him, it’s  different. I feel no time has passed even when we don’t see each other months on end. Our connection is unbreakable. I am eternally thankful for him.  He is the great love of mine. 

For him, I’d cross to the end of the earth and back.

 The chaos I bring is attractive to him and his presence settles me down to a tranquil state. The ideal balance. As he says to me quoting DeadPool (which he claims he said it before the film)

“Your crazy matches my crazy and that’s why we are perfect for each other.” And to that I say darling,

“I couldn’t agree more.”


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