Twenty Sixteen

December? Already? Fuck! Where did the year go?

It seems as though the years are going faster and faster, we blink and we are another year older and wiser. My year was insanely busy, fun, emotional, joyful and soul crushing. So all and all a normal happy 12 months. I have reconnected with people who I thought I lost forever, and on the same note, lost a few people I thought that would be around for a long time. Survived my first year of design school. Oh boy, what a rollercoaster of emotions that was, deadlines, group assignments and performing a balancing act of my life almost seemed impossible a times but I am only at the start of a long road ahead. Been on a few trips around my country, Melbourne and Byron Bay are the main ones. Flown on a plane or taken a long car ride. I plan to do a lot more in twenty seventeen. I got inked twice in a period of two weeks #sorrynotsorrymum and love both of them. I took the time to get my mental health in check and began therapy this year, something I thought I would never do and it’s the best thing by far in learning to understand certain situations from a third party perspective.  There is so much more to get into because 365 days of things happening constantly is hard to keep up, let alone, write down but as a result of coming back from Europe, I can simply state my twenty sixteen in a few words.

Recovery. Growth. Perspective. Gratitude. 

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