Illusions + Delusions

The illusions + delusions shaped me.

I run with the ideas of possibility, the joy that fills my soul, I paint a picture of love surrounding me as I age gracefully, to live life for the simple pleasures of working/creating, to bare witness to the magic of human life and all it’s complications.

I then take a step back and become rationale. 

Dark clouds blow in from afar, I am left scattered with the delusions of tricks playing cruelly in my mind. Maybe the illusions I create will only be in my mind and not in my actual life. 

You see young ones, this is the perfect balance. 

The right amount of doubt and courage in an ideal formula for life itself. 

It’s never safe to constantly have your head in the clouds if you’re not willing to work hard for the dreams beyond them, and it’s  simply idiotic to live life by the book constantly and be trapped by self doubt, it is dull (No good stories start with a dull beginning). The union of of illusions and delusions are the lessons and experience we use as a tool to follow what is right for yourself because no two people share the same notion of what makes life successful or lived to it’s full extent. 


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