From the Wildflower to the Cheshire Cat

If you happen to grovel and plead your false apologises to me, here is what I will say, returning the favour of spitting venom on your cold heart.


“I fucked up and you fucked up, but after everything we been through, I still fought for you, I wanted you even when you didn’t want me, so no, It’s done now. When you kicked me out of your place, that was it, I had my cry, one “i miss you” text, it’s all dead and buried. I grieved the lose of you, and the potential of reigniting this flame of our once upon a time love, but as the years roll by we become less in sync and I learnt I was carrying dead weight of a man whose only priority was himself and listening to the hateful opinions of others. I defended you when those I hold dear question my sanity for keeping you in my life, they worried and rightly so. Congratulations. Bravo. Take a bow.  A hell of a performance you put on, oscar worthy! I will not fall for the charade of your loneliness and lies.

You know, even though I want nothing to do with you, I wish you the best in life… It’s a little fucked ain’t it?

I want you to find something that makes you passionate, I want you to find a person to fulfill your hearts desires the way I clearly didn’t, I want your mind to settle because I have seen small glimpses of the chaos that lays behind the eyes I once knew so well. You’ll be fine. You’re a survivor. Just remember don’t drag people through the mud of your madness or even convince them of your affections when you have no intention to stay.

From the Wildflower to the Cheshire Cat


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