Terms & Conditions

In all seriousness that’s the true meaning of love. To give and give, even when you have nothing left. Love is unconditional. It has no terms and conditions. It’s not there to say I will love you until you do this or not love you anymore if you don’t do that, it’s boundless, it expands in size as you go on in life. You’ll meet people, some you love others you’ll never forget. I believe that your love is more powerful than he can understand. He may not like it but in time he will get it. I think you should do what’s best, and what’s best is to decide whether it’s worth suffering any longer until he gets on the plane or now. Cause he will still be around here until he goes. What lengths are you willing to go?
The situation is ugly and the timing is shit. But you’re only 21, there will be more (people) but I can assure you this one will hurt the most (first ones always do) and you can look forward to the rest that will be less painful than this but scars heal overtime. 
I’m not your heart, I am only a small fraction of it. Only you can decide. Regardless of any opinions I think you’ll know what’s best. I won’t determine your relationship cause only you and he can decide this. I am here to support you whatever you make of this.
Dedicated to my best friend + soul sister 
*our conversation over difficult times
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