You See This, I Know That

For years I was in the motion of balancing an act I performed for my micro pin cushion universe that was choppy. I couldn’t stay on script, missed my mark a dozen times and fell on my face more than i can admit and with the bruises, scars and shows i put on, the audience came back to see me and some never did.

For those silent judges who reviewed me from afar who have never seen my act nor have no knowledge of the core message behind it always tends to leave ill remarks.

I once heard that those who fear only what they don’t know. 

You see this, I know that.

Behind the curtains there is no act, no props, makeup, lightening and music, it just me.

I am aware nobody will ever truly no who another is at the their core, the dark secrets, the skeletons lurking in a dusty closet. But I am here to set the record straight.

Alone I am shy, overly sensitive, resilient , loyal, overly sexually active, in love with love and I’m my worst critic. On the other side of this coin (that is my life), I’m trademarked as strong, rough, loud, opinionated and non approachable by others.  I won’t disagree with these statements because they are all true, I am both. Being a person is not one dimensional, we come in all shapes and sizes, sharp corners, round edges and can be black and white or a rainbow. To truly know someone you must know their past, fears and childhood, you cannot purely base a opinion off one impression nor stories people tend to share when they have nothing to do. 

Like I said, you see this, I know that.

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